A Big Offshore Hello!

Our healthy, freshly harvested young albacore tuna comes from the surface waters of the Pacific.

What’s so special about the particular type of tuna packed into our pretty-lady cans?

It’s healthy.

Young, wild albacore swim in surface waters and are lower in mercury than their larger, deep-sea older albacore cousins. (That’s where grocery-variety tuna comes from.) Plus! Young albacore is high in selenium, which naturally mitigates the effects of mercury in the body. Isn’t that great news? It means you can slurp down a worry-free tuna melt and load up on omega-3 fatty acids.

Side note: If you’re worried about radiation, don’t be. Experts say there’s more radiation in a banana than there is in Pacific tuna!

It’s responsibly caught and handled.

We know our way around a boat! We have decades of fishing experience, so we know how to bring ‘em in and have a minimal impact on the environment. Want to geek out a little? We catch our tuna using hand-operated, low-impact, troll- and pole-caught methods. This classifies our albacore as a “Best Choice” for ocean health, according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. In the biz we call it “hook and line, one at a time.” We wouldn’t dream of doing it any other way.

It’s loved.

We literally kiss our fish. And it’s not just for the photo op. Ask us and you’ll see: we get a little teary-eyed talking about albacores and how important they are to our families, our health, and our way of life. Every fish is harvested by us from our two family fishing vessels: the Betty Lee III and the Mistress. And we sell every last can of tuna ourselves. We’re serious about this Boat to Belly business.

Sounds amazing! Now, who’s narrating this page?

Good question! We’re Libie and Teresa, the ladies behind the sexy labels! We’re so glad you’re here.

We’ve known each other forever and share a brain. Spend four minutes with us and you’ll see why we text each other tuna ideas in the middle of the night.

We’re super proud that our woman-owned, family-run business provides you with small-batch, good-for-you canned tuna harvested with love and ocean smarts.

Libie has more than twenty years of fishing experience. If you want to talk shop, lob your nerdy fishing questions to her.

Teresa is our retail whiz and manages everything from the time the boats come in, from gently packing the fish on ice to overseeing storage and packing.

We have giant hearts for this business because it merges all the best things in our lives:

Our husbands, who captain our vessels.

Our kids, who crack us up, give great hugs, and eat up our tuna.

Our friendship. (Goes without saying.)

Our beautiful hometown on the coast of Washington State.

And, of course, the incomparable fish from the grand and glorious Pacific, that swells with life and nourishment.

Enough cheesiness for ya? Stick around, there’s plenty more where that came from!

We bet you’ll LOVE our tuna!

Why Pinups?

Because the women of World War II were the whole package.

You know what was behind those smoky eyes and kittenish poses? Hard-as-nails women who worked in shipyards and steel factories.

We kinda relate. We can spend all day out on the water (Libie) or on the docks (Teresa) and still clean up pretty nice for dinner and a drink.

We know what it’s like to be badass ladies who work all day, keep the family going, and believe in our loved ones coming home. We also know what it’s like to be at the mercy of a force that’s bigger than you are — whether it’s a war or an ocean.